15 Fun things to do when It’s cold outside

It’s all too familiar during the winter to get stuck inside.

However, cold weather doesn’t have to be a gloomy weather! There are tons of fun things that you can do alone or with your loved ones.

Listen to music

We all know music is one of the greatest joys in life. So pick up your phone or go on YouTube, put your favourite playlist on and dance your heart away.

Movie marathon

When was the last time you spent all day watching your favourite movies? Get some popcorn, curl up on the sofa and get watching.

Try a DIY

Get creative, make something for yourself or a friend. There are tons of ideas on Pinterest, most are really easy and cheap to do. If you do any DIY’s I’d love to see it, share it in the comments below 🙂

Read a good book

We all have a book that’s been lying around waiting to be finished. Curl up in a warm blanket or relax in a bubble bath and finish that book.

Try a new recipe 

Winter is the hot drink season. Maybe try a new hot chocolate recipe, my favourite is black forest hot chocolate, yum!

play a game

Bring out those dusty board games, play with your friend, kids or partner time will fly by. If you’re on your own play a video game like Call of Duty, Candy crush or whatever you like.

Design your future home

This is something I use to do a lot growing up. I’d go through catalogs cutting out things I thought would look nice in my dream home. Dreaming is free, enjoy it.

Have a bubble bath

Treat yourself to a relaxing luxurious bath. Put on nice music, light up some candles, and perhaps a nice book or beverage. Enjoy the simple things in life.


There are so many adult colouring books out there. You’re bound to ind the perfect one for you whether it’s flowers, words, animals or Harry Potter.

Start a bullet journal

A bullet journal is perfect to write your to-do lists, goals, notes, and more. Journaling has become a great way to keep me organised and creative.

Bake something

I don’t know about you but when it’s cold outside baking is a must. Bake some chocolate chip cookies, brownies or go ahead a give that new recipe a try.


Break out your woodworking gear, knitting needles or improve your photography .Enjoy some time working on your favorite hobby.


Even if you’ve never scrapbooked before now is the time to make a book with your holiday pictures or maybe a gift for a friend?

Shop your wardrobe

Use your extra time today to go through your wardrobe. Try new combos, put together outfits for upcoming events. This is a good way to get yourself organised and stress free as well as sell or donate all those bits you didn’t even remembered you had.


Moving things around in your home can be fun and refreshing if you are into decorating. Try rearranging the furnitures, paint the walls a different colour or even change the pictures on the wall.

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