Let’s chill with Netflix

Hey you,

It’s the weekend! What are you going to get up to? Whether it’s spending time with family and friends or sitting around in pj’s all day watching your favourite tv show, enjoy it, make the most of this weekend and remember to take some time to yourself, relax!

take time

When I find a new series I like, I binge watch and it’s bad. Sometimes I come home expecting to watch the next episode but Katie doesn’t as she likes spreading the episodes out, so I have to compensate by choosing a movie we both want to watch or a movie I haven’t watch that Katie thinks I need to watch haha. Below are the series I’m currently watching.

How to get away with murder – I’m absolutely loving this series! I don’t want to spoil the show too much in case you’re going to watch it but I’ll give you a quick overview. The series has flashbacks and flash forwards so you do have to pay attention. It’s about 5 law students taking on cases with their teacher. Their main case is a sorority girl’s who’s missing body is found in the house’s water tank, however, whiles they are trying to find out who did it and defend people who didn’t do it they are caught in a mess. Every time I think they are closer to the truth there is always a big twist. If you’re into law, drama, and murder mysteries watch it and let me know what you think. If you already watch it, do you like it?  (I’m on season 2)

Riverdale – I started watching Riverdale with Katie but she didn’t like it. So now I’m on season 2 and Katie leaves before me in the morning which means I get to binge watch this every morning before I go to work.

Friends, Big bang theory & Simpsons – I grew up watching Friends and the Simpsons and in my teenager year I watched Big bang, I love these series! However, We didn’t have skybox or anything else like that. We had normal Freeview tv which means I couldn’t catch up or download episodes I missed and we all know how repetitive tv shows can get. They play the same episode about 100 times! So I never really followed any of the series properly but now that they are all on Netflix, when I’m not watching the other 2 series I try to catch up with these.

Grace and Frankie – season 4 is coming out on the 19 January, I can not wait! This show is so funny, it’s about 2 couples the husbands work together and Grace and Frankie are completely opposite and don’t like each other but their husbands leave them to be with each other, so Grace and Frankie end up bonding. I love Frankie! Have you watched this series? What do you think of it?

What are you watching now? Let’s connect!

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