Happy 2018!

Welcome to 2018,

With 2017 behind us there is 365 days of great opportunities. First of all I wanted to thank all of you for popping in and reading all about my world.


We all know with a new year comes new goals. In my last post I reviewed my 2017 goals and I’m impressed at how many of them I actually achieved. This year I want to do the same, or should I say better!

My 2018 goals

  1. Explore somewhere new – Somewhere in the Uk as we are trying to save money.
  2. Pick up a hobby
  3. Spend more time with family and friends
  4. Make new friends
  5. Read more books
  6. Do something for a good cause – Giving blood is something I’ve been meaning to do but never got round to it, so this year I will make sure I do.
  7. Learn a new skill – I want to take a photography or PADI course.
  8. Do more of what makes me happy – Dancing makes me happy so this year I want to join a zumba class.
  9. Keep my plants alive – I’m so bad at remembering to water them!
  10. Walk more – It’s so easy to rely on my car when It’s just sitting outside especially when It’s cold, so this year walking more is a big aim.

What do you want to achieve this year? Is it similar to mine?



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