Photo Diary: Paws

Hello Beautiful humans,

I’m guessing you like animals or maybe even have pets for you to be here. If you’ve read any of my previous post or follow me on Instagram you probably already know we have cats, in fact we have 7 Maine coon cats. I can hear that bell going off in your head, ding ding ding  crazy cat lady! However, they are not my cats they’re Katie’s family cats.

Meet Paris, she is a 8 years old princess. She is demanding when it comes to head scratches but she gives you loving eyes that makes you melt. Paris is also the best at giving kisses but you never just get them she has to either be in a cuddly loving mood or have given her lots of head and under chin scratches.


I love photography and these beautiful fluffy girls make it easy to put my passion to action. I’ve put my name across the pictures as I don’t really want people keeping them and using them as their own, I know they aren’t professional photographer standards but I do try take and edit them to the best of my ability.  In the new year I am hoping to take a photography diploma to improve my skills and maybe even start a business on the side but that’s future thinking.


Meet Athena, names after the olympian goddess of wisdom, war heroism and craft.  She is Paris’ daughter, she’s 1 years old. She’s a lot like her mum so much so that sometimes I look at her twice because I wasn’t sure if it’s Athena or Paris. She has beautiful bold eyes and very pointy ears, she likes being held but getting her attention is so difficult, It was a true mission getting these pictures of her Katie had to help hehe.


Meet Amelia, (Mimi) She’s 5 years old. Mim is forever asleep, she loves sleeping on our bed and if she’s not allowed in the room she will sit right outside the door curled up. She loves sleeping so much that she hisses at us if we move her but she’s too cute!


Meet Boudicca (Bou) , named after the queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe however we all tent to call her pickle or tink. she’s 5 months old. She’s a very active kitten, always going up and down finding something to play with. She is also addicted to tissue, you can’t leave anything that even looks like a tissue near her, she will destroy it and maybe even eat it! Right now she is attacking my laptop as I type haha but she is very photogenic I mean scroll down you’ll see what I mean.


Do you have pets? Share a picture with me in the comments section, I’d love to see them!

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