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It’s been 2 months !

Hey Lovelies,

It’s Been 2 month since I’ve left Australia, crazy I know. It doesn’t even feel like I’ve spent a year there. The first day back in the UK was weird, it was like seeing places and things you know but for the first time again, does that make sense?

Katie’s family came to pick us up from the airport. Seeing their car come round the corner was so exciting for her so much so that she ran to her family as soon as they stepped out and hugged them tight. Driving back to the house looking out the window I had forgotten how green UK is, well at least the country side. Once we got home, ate some food and caught up with her family we went to do what we had been imagining of doing for months, Clearing all the stuff we own that we didn’t want nor need. isn’t impressive how much stuff humans can accumulate ? especially stuff we don’t need! Oh by the way my family had no clue I was back.

The next day we went up to London to surprise my family. I messaged my mums boyfriend Cristian on the day saying we were back and he helped us get in the house. My mum wasn’t home for another hour so we were just sitting in the living room talking to Cristian and then all of a sudden we hear the door opening so we hid behind the living room cupboard door waiting for her but she took so long! She put away her shopping, took off her shoes, went to the toilet and spoke to Cristian for a bit until he told her to go see her birds (in the living room). As she came into the room she saw my phone and found it strange ( I left it on the coffee table oops) so I walked out shouting surprise!! She jumped as if she saw a ghost but her shocked face and not wanting to believe it was super cute. After our chatted for a bit she called my brother to get home now because they had to go out, so he came running home. As he walked in the door and was explaining to mum where he was I came round the corner and joined in on the conversation, his mouth dropped and he hugged me tight. Last time I hugged him he just made it to my height, now he is so much taller than me!!

Click here for surprise videos

Later that night Cristian drove us all to my uncle and aunties house As they were  walking in a line saying hi and greeting them with a kiss on each cheek me and Katie followed behind and as Cristian walked to the left I shouted surprise!! My uncle was so shocked saying he couldn’t believe it and my aunty came running out of the kitchen not believing whose voices she was hearing. The hugged me or should I say squeezed me and then we all Sat talking about when we got back, showing them videos of surprising mum and brother and obviously talking about Australia.

What happened next?

A week later we went to Spain Menorca for 2 weeks with Katie’s family for her mums birthday. The flight took just under 1.30 hours, it felt like nothing compared to what we did getting home from Australia. Once we got to our apartment and the beautiful views of Cala Galdana we fell in love with it.


We did a few walks to the nearby beaches around our town, up to the view points on the hill and through the farm fields. We captured amazing views on these walks.


We also hired a car for 3 days and went around the Island. Katie’s mum, Camilla did all the driving as she was the only one insured on it but the Island was really small and easy to drive. After the first day of driving around we all pretty much new our way around. There was only 1 main road from where we where staying and then at the junction you either turn left, right or straight to different points on the island. In the 3 days we had the car we went to Mahon and Ciutadella de Menorca which are the main towns and then drove around to different points of the maps. My favourite place other than Cala Galdana where we were staying was Fornells, Actually I think we all loved Fornells! It is a small quiet town on the top of the Island with the sea almost around all of the town. It would be a perfect place to live and have your own kayak/boat to get around as well as your car of course, It’s beautiful!



We went on a boat trip around 6 different bays, this day was perfect. We all got off the boat to do some snorkelling . We also tried Stand up paddle boarding which was hilarious because trying to balance on it took a bit of practice. I think Camilla and I were the best at it, Whoop!


On the more chilled days we sun bathed at the beach and enjoyed swimming in the clear blue sea and randomly went cave and pill boxes exploring. Katie’s dad, Bill is really into army things so he would go off on walks with Camilla and then come back and tell us all about pill boxes or cave he found and take us to it. I have to admit they were pretty awesome. We also had a bit more of a girly day with Katie’s sister, Chloe and played mini golf (Katie won, I came last), sunbathed at the beach, played bat and ball and just bobbed in the sea in our rubber rings. All in all Spain was amazing and a great way to smoothly get back into the reality that we were going to start working full-time again.

22221816_10210074564445834_1876809047737432477_n 22181396_10210066679448714_1285528002335837476_o22196032_10210074560685740_3589895978752364836_n22195753_10210074514324581_8517361931499695868_n22195753_10210074522444784_4118442332934450464_n 

What am I doing now?

The day before we went to Spain I had a job interview with Paperchase, It is a stationary/card shop. I was so excited about the interview as I love this shop! Whiles in Spain i got a phone call saying I got the job as a supervisor of a newly opened store, whoop! So right now that is what I am doing. Katie is waiting to start a new job which is exciting, I wont mention where it is until she officially starts and settles in but wish her luck! These last few weeks have mainly been settling in to my new job, visiting family and friends and selling a lot of our things that we don’t need.


Our main goal now is working hard to save as much money possible to hopefully buy a house end of next year, fingers crossed! However, My personal goals now is catching up with blog posts, YouTube videos ( that’s a story for another time), getting myself back in to yoga and hopefully moving up in my job, that would be great!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and looking at the holiday pictures.

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More Spain Pictures


Most northern point in Menorca22195705_10210075019417208_8805940585185805718_n

Cute little shop22196009_10210075079538711_8418350945532694292_n

Beach walk22196298_10210074520084725_4771711561879071593_n22196342_10210075087898920_4738144403480799321_n

A new friend 22221776_10210075015177102_4455287635708259050_n22221925_10210074523284805_1850553808191510114_n

Girly picture 22279779_10210075037697665_8728506150154166010_n22222043_10210074514044574_6500309504989498111_n

Cute view point picture22279796_10210075039417708_3305848133548652587_n22279808_10210074562685790_3431336518783891303_n22279827_10210074518364682_7043750250475417265_n22308699_10210074517804668_8415803437588691541_n22308699_10210075012577037_5769660907994769132_n

Our Food display at Cala Galadana Hotel22308864_10210075081098750_5872225330231906696_n

Our first walk22308884_10210075086058874_6161025759708213290_n

Camilla’s Birthday  22310292_10210075041617763_9112404136469052852_n

Walking through the ruins22196418_10210075017377157_780225779304836242_n

Family photo haha 22254850_10210066401201758_8382604763649922092_o

Menorca city22219970_10210066422402288_2807957734382199052_o


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