What’s in my summer bag?

Hey lovelies,

I hope you are all having a fantastic day. Over the last week I’ve been in the tropical Cairns and I’m loving it. The flip-flops, summer dresses and floppy hat are out and I’m so excited to share what I carry around with me in my summer bag.

This is my summer bag, I got last year in Greece, Corfu on a family holiday just before coming to Australia and my big floppy hat that I had to buy here in Cairns as It’s too hot not to have a hat on your head and I forgot to pack my hat “doh”!


In my bag I have a few important things such as sun cream, the sun in Australia is very hot and dangerous so I always need to remember to pack it. Next is my lip balm It’s just as important as sun cream, don’t want to burn the lips, ouch! Bottom right is my Quicksilver rash vest, this is also another way to protect ourselves from the sun however, It helps a lot when the water is cold so It’s always with me. Right at the top is my very cool snorkel and mask that was given to me by my lovely work colleagues, I love snorkelling especially now as I’m at the beautiful Great Barrier Reef!


Other essentials are my sunglasses that I use all the time even when the sun isn’t out, it’s too bright out there! Next I have my Macpac water bottle, I never leave the house without water need to keep myself hydrated! On the right is my beach towel from Surf Dive ‘n’ Ski, It’s the best thing I have probably bought for the beach. It’s light weight and packable only downside is it pulls if you’re not careful and I can never get it in the bag with ease, I let Katie do that for me. Last but not least my wallet, now we definitely can’t leave the house without that!


That is all of it. Sometimes I carry little things like hair bubble, sudoku book, lunch/snacks and a reading book but that just depends where I am going. I try not to carry a lot as it ends up hurting my shoulder and I generally don’t like carrying a lot.


 I hoped you like reading this post! What’s in your summer bag? Do we carry any of the same items? let me know in the comments below! See you soon beautiful humans 🙂

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