What’s in my bag?

I don’t know about you but I’m always curious of what people carry around with them. I’ve seen quite a few posts like this one and something I’ve noticed is that a lot of people carry their iPad, planners and make up. I really don’t like my bag being heavy, actually thinking about it I don’t like carrying anything. I try to carry the essentials unless for some reason I can’t.


I never realised how colour coordinated my bag was until I pulled everything out of it to take this picture.

Depending on where I am going I may have more things in my bag. When I’m going to work i normally carry my lunch, travel mug and my lanyard. If I’m going out with Katie I normally carry a towel with me incase we find a nice spot to sit, which happens to be most of the time and a canvas bag in case we do some shopping. I forgot to add my water bottle to the picture but that is something I always have with me, always.


 In my little black bag I have Antibacterial gel (kill those germs), hand cream, vaseline & lip gloss, pocket mirror, tissue and Nurofen tablets and I usually carry plasters and ladies essentials. You can never be too prepared.


Top right is a little wallet with my bus card, bank card and Starbucks card (that’s a must have.) I also have some cash in that wallet and my change is in my penguin purse in the first picture. Bottom right is my Marley headphones and it’s pouch. Last but not least, on the left our my glasses and sunglasses. My sunglasses are important as my eyes still haven’t adjusted to how bright it is outside, even when there is no sun, I’d be doomed without them!

I’ll be off to New Zealand in a week, and I’ll be doing a ‘what’s in my bag/suitcase’, so keep those eyes peeled.

What do you carry in you bag that’s different to me? Leave a comment below

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