Inspiration of the day ☀️ 

Starting each day with a grateful heart will motivate you during the day. It also helps me see the good things around me.

It’s always good to know what to be grateful for in life and I think each morning (or night) we should say or write down what we are grateful for in our lives. I’ve been doing it for a while and it might not be the say for everyone but I feel lighter during the day, my mind see the good in everything and everyone and i have been smiling more.

Saying that today I am grateful for waking up to another beautiful day and being able to spend the day with my beautiful girlfriend at Palm Beach. I am also grateful for little things like being able to do yoga and seeing my progress through strength and pictures.

What are you grateful for ? Let me know in the comments below.
Have a beautiful day,

Herr Von Muellerhoff Regular

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