4 creative hairstyles

Hey Lovelies,

Ever since I can remember I loved having my hair done. I use to always beg my mum to braid my hair or do a hairstyle i found online that i liked. Throughout the years I’ve taught myself how to do different hairstyles so thought I’d do a post about different styles.

  1. I love this one. It’s simple but pretty and you can have the rest of the hair down or up. In the middle picture I braided the pony tail and left it down but you can also have it in a bun.

2. This one is Katie’s favourite. K has her hair up about 90% of the time so this spices it up from time to time and you have either have it in a bun or pony tail or braid. It’s pretty easy to do but if you’re not good at hairstyles practice or get someone to do it for you (like K does haha )

3. We call this the dinosaur braid. I think it’s pretty obvious why it’s got that name. I started this braid quite high but you can start lower if you prefer.

4. This one was quite random but I ended up really loving it. K’s hair wasn’t quite long enough to do this so did it on my hair instead but the pictures doesn’t look near enough as good as K’s hair, Light hair shows the braids more. This one is a bit more complicated but different and out of your face.


Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite hairstyle out of the 4.

J x


4 thoughts on “4 creative hairstyles

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