April yoga challenge

This post is a bit delayed, I know but i thought I’d share how my April yoga challenge went anyways.

I was really motivated this month because I’ve always wanted to be able to do the splits but never could, so I thought this challenge would help me achieve my goal. I started of really well but as the days went on it got harder and it took a little longer for me to get myself into the pose but i still kept going. As you can see by the pictures down below i didn’t quite manage the splits but i was really close, I’m sure with some motivation and consistency i will manage it. However for some reason i do find it a little hard to keep myself motivated especially when I’ve had a long day at work. If you have any tips on keeping motivated in yoga please share them with me, I’d love to try them and I could then possibly do a blog post on what i feel works for me.

My favourite poses of this months challenge was number 13, 27 and of course 28, I loved the stretch and challenge in all of them. The only one i didn’t like was number 30, i found it so hard no matter how much i tried but i will continue trying to achieve it.

This month (May) I haven’t really put myself up for a challenge, instead I’ve been doing yoga with Adriene on YouTube for a change. If you’ve been doing yoga with Adriene comment below your thoughts and how you think you’re doing .

J x



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  1. I keep switching between blogilates and yoga with Adrienne too! I really like her new 6 Min yoga videos. Lately, i really like the detox yoga on the Psyche Truth channel by Julia Jarvis. It gets you sweaty but also feeling very calm and composed. You ought to give it a shot!

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