6 new buys

Hey Lovelies, Hope you’re well, I’ve bought a few things the past week or 2 that I thought would be nice to share with you.

1/2. Rings glorious rings! I love rings, I couldn’t imagine not having rings on. I found these pretty rings on one of our days out in Sydney City whiles passing by the market stalls. They are handmade by the old man and his wife is always with him every Sunday selling them with him, The rings are silver and cheap 2 for $10 which made it even better. I had the swirly ring before, it was slightly different in the middle but I lost in so i had to go get another one as it was my favourite. The Blue ring is very simple and looks really nice on

3. I bought this pretty boob tube from cotton on sale. It’s such a nice colour and very comfy! Only thing that i’ve realised is that it’s not very good at not slipping down but there are holes for the straps and if you’re a fan or stripes you can always cut the label and turn it inside out it no one would even notice it’s the wrong way round.

4.  I bought this one in a charity shop for about $10. When I first saw it on the hanger i wasn’t a massive fan however, once i tried it on it was surprisingly nice. It’s a reversible coat with pockets on both sides, however i feel like I’d only wear it reversed when I’m feeling pink ( it kind of reminds me of a dressing gown). The coats brand is Gum which is a brand I’ve never heard before but they seem to have a few cool things. The coat has a waiste pulley which makes the coat look a little bit more feminine and shows off your curves. I bought this coat because in 12 weeks we are going to New Zealand and i had no coat to keep me warm.

5. If you’re into oversized denim jackets you might have had the same problem as me. For a while now I’ve been looking for an oversized light denim jacket however, every time I tried one on that i liked it was either humongous or the shoulders weren’t right or the colour wasn’t what i wanted but my search has finally ended! I wanted a jacket with decent pockets and no patches but again like the green coat once it was on it looked great and the patches are Disney. The only thing with this jacket was that for every button there should be a hole but there wasn’t any and the pockets were sown together, stupid right? So i got my scissors out and started cutting.   (I didn’t pick the best bottoms to wear for these picture)

6. My new bike ! well new to me haha, I actually found this bike on the Facebook buy and sell page it was rusty but for $40 I got it. I thought it would be a good idea to cycle to work and back and go on pretty adventures with it. I’ll soon be posting the before and after pictures of bike once I’ve completely finished fixing it and also uploading a photo diary of our cycling adventure at Jamieson Park trail.

Thank you for reading, would mean a lot to me if you like and hit that follow button. I’d also love to hear what you’ve been up to recently and share with me and cool things you’ve bought recently.

P.s. Comment below if I should do more blog posts like this.

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