Turning 21

I’m 21!

That came round quick. I still remember being 14 and in school thinking, I’ll never leave this place. Time went so slow back then but now IΒ think back to my secondary school years and I think damn those 5 years went by so fast but thank God it’s over and done with. However, isn’t it weird that as a kid you’d be excited for weeks and every birthday you would feel that 1 year older but as you grow up 21 doesn’t feel any different to 20 and you don’t really get as excited as when you were a kid, maybe that’s just me? Do you feel the same way?

This year was the first birthday away from family but being in Australia living this amazing adventure kind of makes up from being so far from them.

I went got Mexican tacos & quesadilla the drove up to North Head where we sat at the back of the ute looking at the beautiful views. On Sunday we went to Sydney and went to the Pylon lookout as we had free tickets from the Bridge walk experienceΒ and then walked across the Harbour bridge to Luna park which I’ve been wanting to go to since we got to Sydney. I took a lot of pictures throughout the 2 days and I’m quite excited to share them with you, so keep scrolling πŸ™‚

North Head


Pylon lookout & Luna Park


J x

42 thoughts on “Turning 21

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  1. Well that will certainly make it a birthday to remember for sure! Lovely photos and you only get to turn 21 once! Great to read that it really turned out really well.

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  2. Happy birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful 21st. Those desserts are mouthwatering. Thanks for sharing your special day.

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  3. Aw Happy Birthday! 21 seems so long ago for me, even though it’s been a couple of years! Love the idea of adding charms of places you’ve been to to your bracelet.

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  4. Congrats on your 21st birthday. it looks like you had a great time. i didn’t really feel like I reached a milestone until I was 25. I am not sure why that age. But that felt slightly strange.

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