12 candy minimal phone wallpapers


You know the feeling you get when you change the furniture of your house or the feeling you get when you get new clothes.You know, that feeling of freshness, updated and new. Well we can’t always update our furniture and clothes but there is one thing we use all the time that we can change whenever we feel like it and that’s our phone.

I was scrolling through Pintrest and I found these really awesome candy minimalist photos that you can download (Links below) and it looks pretty awesome as a phone wallpaper. I also found a photographer on Instagram Matt crump his photos being based on minimal and candy effect.

Comment below what your favourite one is, mines the blue and yellow palm trees.         Enjoy J x

in thekeys (1)

Skyrise     Colourful building   Pink beach   Palm tree leafs

in thekeys (2)

Birds   Gherkin   Carousel     Bridge

in thekeys

Eye  Palm trees  Land & sea  windmill 

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