Photo Diary : A day in the city


Bit of a different blog post today. Normally during the week I have a light bulb moment of what I’m going to write on my next post but this week I’ve struggled. I have a book where I write down all the subjects i want to talk about but it’s not as easy as it seems and here I am blabbing blah blah…

On Sunday, Sydney transport is $2.50 all day, I know crazy! So that’s our going everywhere day. The sky was blue and the weather was great, we decided to get our skateboard out and jump on the bus and then the ferry over to Sydney city.

We stared off at the rocks market and both bought 2 lovely hand-made rings and then walked to Barangaroo park were we skated around the whole park and took loads of pictures. Then hopped back on our skateboards and off we were to Pitt road where all the shops are and spotted out an amazing artist who uses spray paint to make amazing paintings. Then heading back to the Ferry we walked through the botanical gardens and past the Opera house and with 1 minute left on to the very busy ferry.

Hope you liked the pictures, let me know in the comments below how your weekend went.

J x

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