You have 10 minutes to pack …

You have 10 minutes to pack your life in a back pack,
what would you pack?

Me and Katie watch so many movies and a lot of movies consist of Alien invasions, the world ending, running from something and of course other stuff but lets stick to the ones I said. We watched the new movie Arrival the other day and it’s about Aliens landing in Earth, being evacuated and trying to speak to them. so it got me thinking if one day something like this happened and you had 10 minutes to pack your life in a backpack what would I pack ?

So lets imagine Monday 6th March at 6 am you hear a knock on the door, you go downstairs and open the door and there’s a man or woman you don’t know, they then tell you the town you live in is getting evacuated and you have 10 minutes to pack. You don’t know how long you’ll be gone for, if your house will be okay and most importantly what you’ll need, Ahh freak out !

What I’d probably most likely pack :

  • Top
  • Comfy trousers
  • Socks and knickers
  • Victorinox Swiss tool (I really want one but so expensive )
  • An Axe or some sort of weapon to protect myself
  • Phone – although phones battery doesn’t last, maybe i should buy a Nokia brick just in case and have a solar panel on the back to charge up the phone hmm ..
  • Polaroid camera – never know what you’re going to see and if it’s the end of the world you never know people in the future might find you’re pictures.
  • Picture of my family
  • First aid kit
  • compass
  • matches
  • map
  • Rope
  • water/ water purifier
  • Tarp – for shelter or waterproofing
  • Sleeping bag
  •  Flashlight
  • Hair ties to last me a life time as they are forever breaking

What I’d be wearing :

  • Top
  • Comfy bottoms with pockets, lots of pockets
  • Coat with pockets
  • Underwear of course, however would be wearing a sports bra, no one likes running in normal bra
  • Comfy Boots
  • Waterproof Watch
  •  minimalist jewellery ( no earings, rings )

In all reality I don’t know what I’d really pack in the moment and i don’t have some of the things i mentioned so i’d like to think i’d pack similar things i’d find around the house that would help.

I’d like to know what you’d pack, if it would be the same as my list or if you have other things you’d pack that I maybe didn’t even think of. Comment below lovelies.

P.S. The movie Arrival is great defiantly watch it if you can and if you do watch it let me know what you thought of it! 🙂

2 thoughts on “You have 10 minutes to pack …

Add yours

    1. Yh i think that too sometimes, it just a list of what i’d hope i’d take but i agree in a moment of panic you can’t think of anything .


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