Who i am today

Most of you have clicked on this blog post thinking what do you mean who I am today? What were you before? Well it’s not about who I was in the past but how growing up mainly with my mum and brother shaped who I am today.

A little bit about my mum

  • My mum’s name is Conçeicão (con say sou) or São for short
  • Born and raised in Madeira, Portugal Has 2 sisters and 6 brothers
  • Like most of Madeira back in the day, my mum’s family were poor
  • Moved to the UK at the age of 26
  • Very hard worker
  • My mum is my inspiration, the person I look up to

A little bit about my brother

  • My brother’s name is Danny (not short for Daniel)
  • He will be 14 this may
  • Loves his consoles like pretty much every other teenage boy
  • He’s a really good swimmer
  • He plays Concertina
  • He’s a cadet for St Johns Ambulance
  • End of October 2016 his appendix burst and had emergency operation during his holidays in Romania

For the last few years my mum has not only been a mum to me but also my best friend. My mum told me that as a kid I was a very good girl however, growing up  i have probably put my mum through all the emotions you can think off, like giving my mum’s new boss a really bad impression when I broke his sound bar on the first day because i was spinning in circles, my mum swore i would never forget that day and i never have or when i accidentally walked out of peacocks the clothes shop with a double F bra attached to my bag Embarrassing !!

Hey, no judging ! I’ve also done good things like when I learnt the accordion and I’d go show her the new song i learn’t on my own or when i passed my college courses with flying colours and also helping my mum with everything she needed like picking up my brother from school or translating for her or helping her pay for the bills at home occasionally.

Then there’s my brother I was excited to have a brother someone to play and be partners in crime with but that was until i realised how annoying boys were. We’ve had so many ups and downs from encouraging each other and playing ps2 together to fist fighting in the living room floor and arguing who should wash the dishes after dinner, it was never-ending but i wouldn’t have it any other way.He’s also given my mum his fair share of emotions like when he was 3 he fell in school knocking out his front tooth leaving his lip swollen or when he was a toddler he managed to open the washing machine door letting all the water out or most recent on holidays his appendix burst and doctors told my mum that any later he wouldn’t have made it ( terrifying ) but he has also made my mum and myself very proud like coming home from school with a 700m swimming certificate (I can swim about 1 meter without stopping) i was extremely impressed or hearing from his best friends mum that she was so happy that Danny stuck by her son’s side when he was being bullied.

My mum came from a poor family they had no shoes and had to share clothes. My mum and her 2 sisters slept on the same single bed as did my uncles. My mum went to school but only got to study till year 4 as she had to leave school to help my grandparents at home. These are only a few examples of my mum’s background and although my family were poor they were happy, they had each other.However, being poor didn’t stop my family, my mum as well as her siblings moved country some to the UK some to Venezuela and they made  a better future for themselves. Coming from a background like this taught me a lot.My family are very close so much that growing up i spent a lot of time with my uncle and aunty and I’d like to think that in the future with younger generations we still will be very close. My mum has taught me a lot and I’d like to share with you a few ways my mum has helped me be a better person.

  • strength and courage

My mum moved to the UK not knowing any English and how life would turn out to be but she did it and she has had a much better life in the UK then she would have if she staying in Portugal. Her strength always amazed me, she’s been through a lot and she’s always managed to keep her head held high and keep going.

  • Hard working

She is the most hard-working woman i know. Even though she had serious back pain and most of the time she use to struggle with it but she never gave up working. She would have more than one job and do all she can to pay the bills and put food on the table and even now she never gives up. You got to fight for what you want!

  • cooking skills

She is an amazing cook. I would watch my mum cook and when i was home alone i would try to make myself food and surprise my mum even though she told me not to touch the oven. I haven’t met one person who doesn’t like my mum’s food. She is very creative as well she always made me and my brother’s birthday cakes, they were amazingly yummy!

  • Honesty & Respect

My mum has always taught us to never lie and to always be respectful to others. I know everyone tells white lies like you can come to an event or you better go to bed or Santa won’t come but other than those little white lies my mum is the most honest and respectful woman i know.

  • Helpful

She is always ready to help anyone if she can. She always helped me and my brother with homework and giving advice, she will help family and friends with a heart beat and even if she sees someone on the street that needs help she will try to help.

  • Funny

Last but not least my mum is very funny. She always makes me laugh (like when she was pouring the family water and the lid popped off and water went everywhere) and she is very ticklish mainly on her feet so me and brother will randomly tickle attack her which was always funny until we let her go and she’s after us.

All in all my mum is the most amazing person I know and i thank her everyday for always being by mine and my brother’s side. I am the person I am today because I’ve been taught the good ways of living.

Thank you Mum

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  1. I love this post. It’s true, where we come from is a huge part of who we are. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my mum and my brother is actually the reason I found a career I love. Thanks for sharing

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  2. I think everyone can relate with you and your mom. My mother also taught me simialr skills you mentioned on your blog. I am coursious since Mother’s day is around the corner. What are you getting for her appreciation?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes agreed. Well I’m from the UK and mums from Portugal and Mother’s Day was in march in U.K. And last month in Portugal. As I’m so far away I just asked my brother to buy her a card a flowers 🌺 and sent her a message. How about you ? What have you got your mother? 🙂


  3. Our mothers are the most precious gift sent to us from above! Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us, you’ve expressed your love to your mom in a beautiful way!

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  4. We are nothing if it were not for our moms who believe in us and who strive to give us the life that we’ve always wanted. I think I am not who I am today if it wasn’t for my mom as well.

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  5. Before my experiences mold into who I am today, my mother was the first person who taught me about life. How I wish I could have more time with her but I guess she’s happy smiling down at me in heaven.

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    1. I agree experience do mold us after our mothers, you have memories with her that’s all that matters and I’m sure she’s very happy and proudly looking down on you 🙂

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