About a week ago we started our 2nd road trip in Australia. Our first time camping we started in Sydney and ended up in Melbourne, this time we are heading to Brisbane from Sydney. Having a car makes life so much easier and gives you the freedom to go visit and do activities that are further away from the main cities, it also allows you to find really good and cheap campsite which you wouldn’t really be able to get to unless your going to find out what bus goes where and how to get a bus travel card etc..

However, where do you start when camping ? It’s not easy especially if you’ve never done it before. We were very lucky we got given everything to take by Katie’s family and they even showed us  how to put up their tent, they’re amazing!  From our first experience of camping we have learnt what we need and how do to things, so this time we are prepared and I thought it would be nice to share it with you.

N 1 – Make a list

Everyone knows to pack a tent and a sleeping bag but there’s so much more that you need that you don’t even realised. Have you ever been in a situation where you’re in the middle of doing something like finally getting home taking your shoes off to then realise you’ve let your phone in the car ? Yep annoying right, I do it all the time. The other day we where in the middle of washing our clothes and then realised we had no pegs! I’d never really consider taking pegs but luckily enough we had a peg less hanging line. Down below is a rough check list.


  • Tent ( we have a 4 person tent to give us more room)
  • Sleeping bags (thin or thick depending on weather)
  • Light (pack 2 torches, one for inside the tent and one to light your way around )
  • Airbeds  (most tent doors can only fit singles unless your using a foot pump)
  • Electrical pump or foot pump ( we use electrical)
  • Bedsheet (we have to single bed we keep them together with a fitted bed sheet)
  • Carpet or camping mats ( comfort, avoid wet floor, avoid anything to pierce air beds)
  • Inflatable cushion (easy to pack)
  • Fan (if hot)

Tip: we had a 3 person tent and it was claustrophobic! The air beds literally took all the floor space and the height of the tent wasn’t enough. If your not picky good on you but if you want comfort and space to wiggle buy a tent for double the amount of people.


  • Frying pan & pot
  • Mixing spoon/spatula
  • Bowls/plates
  • Cutlery/ sharpe knife
  • Salad tongs ( also for BBQ)
  • Lighter/matches
  • Mugs
  • Camping kettle
  • Napkins
  • Gas bottle / camping Cooker
  • Cooking oil
  • Salt & pepper
  • Sponge/washing up liquid
  • Tea towel ( other wise your napkin budget will sky rocket)
  • Cleaning products
  • Food tubs ( if you want to save money make more food )
  • Cool bag & cooler box

Tips: Most campsites have a kitchen and utensils but a lot don’t, so don’t Risk it for the chocolate biscuit.

Other stuff

  • Mosquito spray & candle ( if you want to sit outside )
  • Fire lighters ( if you want to spend half the night rubbing 2 sticks together)
  • Charger, portable charging banks, car usb adapter
  •  Beach towels
  • Table & chairs (your own choice some parks of have benches)
  • Flask ( for coffee/tea lovers)
  • Toilet rolls (we all know what public toilets are like)
  • Dust pan & brush ( car and tent gets really dirty )
  • Pegs ( if you want to wash your clothes and don’t want to pay another $5 for the dryer)

There is probably more things but that’s all I remember for now . Camping is a lot of work, you get hot and sweaty but it’s worth it. Best thing we have done is staying more than 1 night at a campsite as you can settle in and relax a bit. If you’re going on a camping trip I hope this has helped you, safe travels!

Feel free to give any suggestions or ask any questions.


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