Why I wouldn’t want to go back to a normal life

There’s 24 hours in a day. What do we do in those 24 hours? Work, Sleep, Cook, Watch TV? Why, is it making us happy or are we so use to doing the same thing everyday we don’t even realise the day’s going past?
I grew up with a hard-working family and ever since I can remember all I wanted to do was work. I wanted to be able to buy my own things, pay for my own holidays, help my mum with bills  but my main goal was to save up as much as I can to be able to by a little flat on the outskirts of London by the age of 20. So at the age of 17 I managed to get my first job at a nursery whiles at college. I loved it, I love working with children, they have such creative minds and they always made laugh. After leaving college I started working full-time but at the end of the month no matter how much I loved my job I wasn’t making enough money to reach my goals.  So I got another job babysitting part-time after nursery, It was great!

After working 2 years and a half at the nursery and almost 2 years with the family it became very repetitive and exhausting. I would start working at 9 am and most nights if I was lucky I’d finish at 6.30/7 pm but most of the Time I finished 10 pm sometimes 12 pm. I got very unhealthy and i was always tired, only good thing was the pay, Holiday flexibility and the fact I had weekends off except the and on few weekends when the children would stay over but it was quite fun having 2 little ones staying over, my mum loved it too.

I remember every one I worked with said to me, Jess why are you here ? You can do so much better than this, go do something you love. 

In September 2015 I was offered a job at the airport in a clothes store. Even though I had no experience at all in retail they took me on. I was so dedicated and happy, it was all new to me and everyone was lovely. I moved up quite quickly and this kept me going however after a while the shifts started getting to me. I either started at 3.3 am and finished at 12 pm which had its benefits as I had the rest of the day free but by 5/6 pm I’d be so sleepy or I’d start at 1 pm and finish at 10 pm, I wouldn’t get home till pm and by then everyone was in bed, of course there was the middle shifts like 7-4, 10-7 but I hardly did those anymore.

I never really spent time with the people I loved. I missed family events and I found it hard to meet up with my friends in London as they’d be either at uni or working when I was off and even when I had a day off I was so tired I never wanted to do anything much besides maybe going to the lake or the mall. I had enough! This wasn’t living, I wasn’t having fun, I wasn’t healthy and I defiantly wasn’t enjoying work. So after a lot of planning me and Katie left for Australia.

I want to travel the world

Pretty much everyone I know says they want to travel the world, I mean who doesn’t? But why don’t we, why don’t we all just quite our boring jobs and go do what we actually want to do? I know what most people are thinking, travelling isn’t cheap and what about everything I own and my flat/house, kids and pets … There is so much to sort out, I’d stress out too much, what if we run out of money or what if we can’t find jobs?  I thought like that too, so much that when we were originally planing to come to Australia beginning of 2016 we let the thought die down but now that I am here I love it, I love the lifestyle. I’m not saying it’s easy because it’s not  but it’s worth it. I’ve seen loads of videos and blog posts of  families, couples and solo travelers, it is doable just needs a lot of research and commitment.  All the money we spend on buying unnecessary things like the next iPhone or a new bigger TV or eating out all the time all that money could be used for travelling instead but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything we still have out Netflix account.

Things out here are quite expensive but there are plenty of job opportunities. The most common job is fruit picking which you get about $20/25 per bucket you fill and in most fruit picking places they offer a place to eat and sleep for much cheaper than most places and they take you out on trips. Over the Christmas period I worked in a retail store for about 1 month and in 2 weeks I made more than I would in the UK after 1 months work. Now that I’ve finished my contract we are gong to use the money we earned to travel Sydney to Cairns and then hopefully we will earn more money to go to New Zealand. Most people will think I’m earning money to travel but in the future I won’t have the money to buy a house, yes I agree but I have a few years until I decide to settle down in one place, buy a house and have kids. Right now, I rather spend money having different houses to rent in different areas and countries, sleeping in tents, doing fun and cool experiences and hopefully along the way of doing all this I’ll find a job that I’m truly passionate about that allows me to continue to travel.

I’d rather look at the pretty blue sea, work and travel, sleep in tents and do so much more than go back to how my life was like back in the UK. Being out here has defiantly changed my mindset on life and at the end of our year of being here we will defiantly be travelling around the UK to places I haven’t been as well as around the world.

I’d like to hear about places you have been and how you have managed it.

Also comment down below on your opinion on travelling and why you would or wouldn’t do it.

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