15 random facts about me

I thought it would be a good idea if you got to know a little bit about me, so here’s 15 facts.

One of my greatest passions is photography, I take every opportunity to take pictures.Check out my Instagram.

2- Dream occupation
Growing up i wanted to be an air hostess. I’d get excited going on a plane and visiting new places but now there’s so many jobs I’d want to do such as Photography, event management, video making, have my own clothing company etc..  I’ve worked in a nursery, babysitting and clothing retail shop at London Gatwick airport.
3- First car
My first car was a little blue Renault Clio 2001 which i bought January 2016. I love my car, it’s little with a sound system.  Even though I’m in Australia for 1 year i still have my little blue car back home.
3- Tattoos & Piercings
I have 4 piercings on my right ear and 3 on the left ear and a lower lip piercing on the left. I got my first tattoo (on my arm) in October 2016 before coming to Australia.
4- First pet
Growing up my brother and I wanted a cat or dog but we weren’t allowed pets as our house is way to small. However, my mum loves parrots but they are super expensive but about 3 years ago we bought my mum 2 buggies for her birthday, she was and still is so happy she treats them like babies.
5- Violin
In primary school i used to play the violin. I loved having school concerts, everyone who played an instrument played together for all  parents and friends however, one year i got chicken pops on a concert day and was told i wasn’t allowed to play in the concert, i cried all the way home (i was 6)
6- Accordion
I play the accordion. Yes the thing that goes open and shut, as most people ask me. I’ve had the accordion for about 7 years but only learnt to play it a few years ago as I wanted to play it in a Portuguese traditional dance group.
7- Dance group
I’ve been in 2 Portuguese traditional dance groups for about 6 years in total. I started playing the drum then moved on to teaching dance and dancing to then playing accordion. I left because I moved in to Katie’s families house near my new job at Gatwick airport.
8- Ideal evening
My ideal evening would be having a home cooked meal and then snuggling on the sofa with Katie whilst watching Netflix.
9- Favourite drink
I love tea and natural orange juice.
10- Activities/Hobbies
I love dancing, swimming, DIY projects, playing music instruments,
11- Movies & Series
From English TV to Portuguese TV, I watch a lot of movies and series. favourite movie genres are comedy, romance, horrors & thriller and sometimes action.
12- Most common thing I say
Where’s my phone? I’m constantly misplacing my phone. I’ll go get a drink and I’ll leave my phone by the sink, or i’ll leave it in the car. Most annoying thing ever!
13- Favourite colour 
I love Yellow, it’s such a bright and happy colour but I wouldn’t wear yellow. I wear mostly black & white.
14- Broken bones
I broke my arm when I was 9 jumping over the shortest fence ever in front of my house a week before going on holidays, how stupid! I landed on my left elbow pushing my whole body weight on it, broke 1 bone and cracked another. I had surgery which they put 2 metal pins to hold my bones. So i had a cast on my arm for the whole month i was in Portugal.
15- Biggest fear
I’d say my biggest fear is losing the people I love and drowning.
I’d love to know you better too!
Tell me a random fact about yourself.
J x

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